Why Exhibit?

The largest Metal Rollforming Exhibition in the Asia Pacific Region.

The Metal Rollforming Exhibition will be the first and largest of its kind in the Asia Pacific region drawing from Australia, Sri Lanka, China, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Phillipines, New Zealand, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, USA and South Africa. The industries represented will be involved in some way with the metal rollforming industry, and will cover the following:

  1. The shed manufacturers
  2. Building Companies
  3. Roofing contractors
  4. The screw & fastener manufacturers
  5. Rollforming machine manufacturers.
  6. Roofing rollformer industry
  7. Structural metal fabricators
  8. The Patio industry
  9. The workplace health and safety authorities
  10. The relevant government departments
  11. The gutter industry
  12. Advertising companies
  13. Import & Export companies
  14. Engineering consultants
  15. Architectural firms
  16. Logistical and Lifting equipment companies

There is no other  in the Asia Pacific area like the Metal Rollforming Exhibition, and it is strategically marketed to attract all those involved in the construction industry and manufacturing that are involved in the use of either metal rollformers or the use of their manufactured products.

Asia Pacific Region

Asia Pacific Region

With a combined population of over 3 billion and being the growth centre of world trade, the exhibition will be drawing massive interest from all sections of the area.